International Living Magazine

Are you looking to retire overseas and enjoy a quality of life much better than you currently have? Maybe even retire much earlier than you were expecting to? If so, then there is a good chance that a retirement in Panama is the way to go. As you know, International Living has proclaimed Panama to be the absolute No. 1 destination in the world in which to retire. In fact, Panama has remarkably topped our annual Global Retirement Index for six years straight.

The amazing benefit of retiring to Panama used to be a secret, but not anymore. IL is no longer the only voice encouraging people to retire to Panama; respected publications including Harper's Bazaar, The Boston Globe, USA Today, and The New York Times have all recently published articles about Panama's many attributes.

Panama offers a very comfortable retirement solution, in part because the nation is much more developed than most visitors expect. Not only will you have access to all of the luxuries and comforts of your current life in your Panama retirement, but you will also have access to more of them because of Panama's lower cost of living. By retiring in Panama, you will enjoy the benefits of a developing economy where you can still take a taxi across town for a buck or two, get your haircut for a couple of dollars, or enjoy dinner for two with a bottle of wine at one of the finest restaurants in Panama City for a mere $30. There are also lots activities for you to enjoy, from jazz clubs to art openings to English-language theater performances. You may be wondering what you will do when you retire...but when you retire in Panama, you will never find yourself bored.

Consistent with the generally low cost of living in Panama is the affordability of real estate. Whether you are looking to live in a Panama City high-rise apartment, a condo in a gorgeous beachfront community, or a house in the temperate mountain region, you will find very reasonably priced real estate to suit your needs and desires. Most people who come to retire in Panama find themselves enjoying the property that they have always dreamed about but have never been able to afford.