Recommended Businesses

The following links are to local businesses and professionals we personally recommend to our customers because of their superior quality and service. We receive no compensation of any kind from these businesses and professionals.

Hotels and Resorts

There are many hotels in the City of David and throughout Chiriqui Province, but we think these are the best.

Bocas Del Mar (in Boca Chica)
A lovely new boutique resort in Boca Chica with an excellent restaurant, lovely cabinas, and very professional and friendly staff.
Telephone: (507) 6395-8757
Web site:

Ciudad de David (in David)
This is best hotel David. Priced at roughly $110 per night, the rates are reasonable, and service is excellent.  It is clean and modern with a decent (but not great) restaurant and friendly staff, centrally located in the middle of town.
Telephone: (507) 774-3333
Web site:

Puerta del Sol (in David)
The Puerta is also located in the center of David, and is clean and quiet, with a popular restaurant and nice staff.  At roughly $45 per night, it is la less expensvie alternative to the  Ciudad de David.
Telephone:(507) 774-8422
Web site:


The best restaurants in David are Mosto Bistro and the Stylo Resto-Bar in the Hotel Ciudad de David, both downtown. The barbeque restaurant in the Hotel Gran National is also good.

In Volcan, you should try Cero Brujo, where Patricia concocts some remarkable food inventions.

In Boquete, try Bistro Boquete and Tammy's Cafe -- the former a casual dining establishment with good sandwiches and ribs, the latter an excellent Middle Eastern restaurant with the best falafel and shawarma I have had in Panama.


Gilberto Cardozo (David)
Gilberto Cardozo has been our accountant for three years now and we are happy to reccommend his services. Gilberto speaks English and Spanish.

You can contact him at 507-774-1687

Travel Agency

Viaje David
We have found Alejandro at Viaje David very helpful. He will find you the cheapest flights anywhere, no matter how complex your travel plans may be.
Telephone: (507) 774-1124


We have been working with Bill Victoria and his wife Velkis for a couple of years now and are very pleased with their services.

Bill speaks English and can be reached at 507-6430-7912

Researching Moving To Panama

If you're thinking about moving to Panama, we recommend that first you visit a very useful site called
In it's Community Q & A section on Panama it has has over 1,000 answers to the most commonly asked questions about moving to Panama, retiring to Panama, or just visiting Panama as well as scores of Expat Stories.
What makes the site so different is that the answers and the stories are provided by a community of independent and diverse experts, most of whom live in Panama already.
We also recommend you try the Location Advisor, an interactive, real time questionnaire to help you to decide the place that's best for you.